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At this time, South Mississippi State Hospital has temporarily suspended all off-campus visitors as a precautionary measure.  In limiting visitation, SMSH is taking precautionary steps purely out of an abundance of caution in order to minimize the chances of exposure.​


South Mississippi State Hospital in Purvis is an acute-care, regional behavioral health program with the primary purpose to offer a continuum of services for adults with mental illness within the patient’s region of residence. This closer proximity allows family, friends and community to more actively support the treatment, recovery and aftercare of the patient. South Mississippi State Hospital serves Lamar, Forrest, Marion, Perry, Greene, Wayne, Jones, Covington, Jefferson Davis, Pearl River, Stone, Hancock, Harrison, George and Jackson counties.

Patients receive the highest quality care available through the services of an interdisciplinary treatment team led by a board certified psychiatrist. The treatment teams are composed of a wide range of healthcare professionals, including a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, active treatment technician, registered dietitian, recreational therapist and licensed representatives from social and psychological services. Emphasis is placed on a total continuum of care, including pre-admission, inpatient, aftercare and crisis intervention. It is our goal to be a part of the mental healthcare system for our patients and to work cooperatively with other service providers in positively influencing outcomes and the overall care of our patients.

Mental health matters to every individual in every community. Mental health and mental illness affects our healthcare system, our businesses and our families. One in five Americans experiences a serious emotional disturbance or mental illness each year. Mental illness is more prevalent than cancer, lung disease and heart disease, leading the U.S. Surgeon General to declare mental illness one of our nation’s leading public health issues. Misunderstandings and discrimination are barriers to treatment that need to be torn down by recognizing that mental illnesses are real and treatable.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality acute psychiatric care for adults who live in South Mississippi.

Our Vision

South Mississippi State Hospital will be a leader in providing the citizens of South Mississippi a continuum of psychiatric services that are fully integrated with other healthcare programs.​

Updated: 07/27/2020


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  • 823 Highway 589 
    Purvis, Mississippi
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