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Mon, 06/12/2023 - 00:00

At the Friends Annual Meeting Phaedra McLin was announced as the employee of the 1st Quarter for 2023.


Here is what Phaedra's nominators had to say about her:

Phaedra McLin is an employee who recognizes the value of teamwork to achieve the goal of healing at SMSH. She understands that it takes a village in order to support patients on their road to recovery and that no voice is too small to be heard when considering treatment options. Her compassion goes beyond simple sympathy for her patient's conditions. She treats them as if they are her children and, anytime a patient regresses in their treatment, she takes it to heart and does everything she can to make sure it doesn't happen again. Phaedra is always willing to be educated by others. She does a considerable amount of research of new medications and treatment options that will offer the best treatment for her patient population. She is also very mindful of costs both for SMSH and the patient once they are discharged. She makes sure that patient needs are met so that they go on to lead better lives and, hopefully, don't have to return.

Phaedra is very approachable. She offers truth in everything she says and wants nothing less than the same in return. She doesn't mind being corrected or correcting someone else because she realizes, as humans, we are prone to mistakes. Her level of respect is the same for all whether you're a prescriber, maintenance, support care professional or otherwise. She knows that each of us play a vital role in this agency and she treats herself and everyone else as such.

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