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Mon, 06/17/2024 - 00:00

At the Friends Annual Meeting, Phaedra McLin was announced the Employee of the Year for 2023


What Phaedra's Nominees said about her:

Phaedra McLin is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner here at SMSH. Her nominator describes  her as someone "who is compassionate and goes beyond simple sympathy for her patients' conditions. She treats them as if they are her children, and anytime a patient regresses in their treatment, she takes it to heart".

Phaedra does a considerable amount of research of new medications and treatment options that will offer the best treatment for her patient population. She is also very mindful of costs both for SMSH and the patient once they are discharged. She makes sure that patient needs are met so that they go on to lead better lives and, hopefully, don't have to return.

South Mississippi State Hospital
823 Highway 589
Purvis, Mississippi 39475
Phone: 601-794-0100
Fax: 601-794-0210