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Thu, 04/28/2022 - 00:00
The Employee of the 1st Quarter of 2022 is....
Misty Barrett!
Misty is our Clinical Support Coordinator.
Congratulations and thank you for everything that you do. 
Words from her nominator: 
RESPECT- She truly treats others like she would like to be treated. She has been witnessed in some difficult situations and she always maintained her composure. 
TRUST- When she is asked to cover, the job will be done completely and correctly. 
COMMUNICATION- She has great communication skills.  She helps construct very professional presenting emails.  She always has an inspirational way of saying difficult things. 
EDUCATION- She continues to further her education every chance she gets.  She completed the SEDI program last year and the CPM program in recent years. 
TEAMWORK- She has covered the unit many times during our nursing shortage.  She also serves as back-up to several different administrative employees from IP, PI and security if they are out. 
PROFESSIONALISM- She always has a positive attitude and willingness to help her co-workers.  She has managed to stay calm during the COVID years and finds solutions to the many challenges we have faced during them. 
COMPASSION- Whenever a co-worker is going through tuff times or life changing events, she is always there to offer support, in whatever form that may be.  She is always ready to help no matter the situation.  She is a great leader but will not ask you to do anything that she is not willing to do herself.  

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