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Speakers Bureau


  • Overview of South Mississippi State Hospital Services
  • Perceptions of Mental Illness and Reducing Associated Stigma
  • Friends of South Mississippi State Hospital and Volunteers
  • Think Again/Shatter the Silence presentation for junior high, high school and college students, youth groups or other youth-related organizations. (Deals with reducing the stigma that surrounds mental illness and suicide prevention) (Companion presentations for parents and educators available.)
  • Think Again presentations to encourage all Mississippians to look at mental health as an essential part of our overall health and well-being.

Any of these topics can be combined or designed to suit the interest of your audience. If you don’t see a topic you are interested in, please feel free to ask.



Public Relations Director

Boutwell handles internal and external communications, serves as media liaison and coordinates community affairs and the Friends of SMSH volunteer program. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in public relations and an associates degree in Marketing and Management Technology from Jones County Junior College. She participates in the Mississippi Department of Mental Health’s Think Again/Shatter the Silence campaign and is a member of the Area Development Partnership, Friends of SMSH, and Purvis Woman's Club.


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Donna Boutwell
Public Relations Director
823 Highway 589, Purvis, MS 39475

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    Purvis, Mississippi
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