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Family Education

The Admissions Process

FamilyEducation.pngAll patients are admitted through Chancery Court commitment. Once an admission appointment has been set, the county sheriff transports the patient to South Mississippi State Hospital for admission. It is not necessary for the patient’s family to accompany the patient. Social Services will contact the family once the patient gives written permission to do so. All visitation of patients occurs during Saturday, Sunday and holiday visitation hours.

All of the patient’s valuables are secured. Patients are permitted a maximum of six (6) sets of clothes. The family may bring items to the Security Department in the front lobby of the hospital to be delivered to the patient. Food, drink or personal items will not be allowed into visitation.

The patient designates in a release form those family members they would like to see during visitation or those family members with whom telephone contact is desired. Telephone privileges and visitation privileges may have to be restricted depending on the patient’s condition and treatment plan.

During the first few days after admission, the patient is involved in an intensive evaluation process by the SMSH treatment team. The patient wears hospital-supplied clothing for the first few days and may be restricted to an observation area. A level system is used to determine patient privileges. As patients participate in their care and improve, their level status changes and their privileges may increase.

A treatment plan is developed for each patient. Patients are involved in group therapy, recreational therapy, patient education sessions and community meetings depending on the patient’s needs and treatment plan.

Patients and, when appropriate, their families are informed about safe and effective use of medication, outcomes of care and potential drug-food interactions.

Patients and families are integral members of the healthcare team. Staff will describe what patient and family responsibilities are regarding the patient’s ongoing health care needs and give them the knowledge and skills needed to carry out their responsibilities.​

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